Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Memories ~My Mother's Day Report ~Better Late than Never

I was a month ago and I have not shared about our day.
It is a difficult weekend for me without my mom.
And with our daughters far away, the house is pretty quiet.
Thank goodness for Face Time.

I received the best mail that week.
This card from Emily and Jake 
with a special personal note.

This handmade card from Amy and Nick...
another special personal note.

USPS also left a package from Emily and Jake 
on our doorstep.
This handy dandy lid is so versatile.

Have you tried these Swedish Dish Cloths?
They're awesome.

They are color-coordinated with
these handmade dishcloths, 
a gift from my fur babies.
Somehow Jasmine & Lucy commissioned 
this gift through a friend of mine!!

How cute are these?!
I can't wait until this garage project is complete,
so we can get our house back in order and entertain again.

It is tradition to celebrate the day with hubby's mom and sister.
It is also tradition to gift her with a hanging basket for her patio.

My sister-in-law prepares the meal and hubby mans the grill.
The steak was tender and delicious.

In my email, a Williams Sonoma gift certificate 
came from Amy and Nick.
I enjoyed taking my time to browse their website.
This pretty colendar was my choice...
and it arrived a week later.

Hubby gave me a new selfie stick with bluetooth capabilities 
to work with my new phone.

We didn't waste any time putting it to use!

And that colendar...
almost too pretty to use.

Thank you, family.
I love your thoughtful cards and gifts.
It was a great day.

Take care,

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