Friday, June 9, 2017

This Week's Garage Project Update

While outside temperatures are soaring,
I can work in the air-conditioned comfort of our home...
Sorting through the boxes, bags, and binders 
that were in storage.

Just how hot was it outside?

Out in the heat...
the foundation crew was hard at work.

The next step is to build a wall, down in the hole.

And then you get the cement truck to come back 
so you can fill the wall to create a firm foundation.

This needs time to dry overnight.

So, remember when they dug the hole?
They hauled the dirt away.

Then this week they hauled the dirt back again.

And back to the backyard again.
The dirt is needed to fill in around the wall.
(I keep thinking there should be a way to avoid all that hauling...
but there is a lot of dirt involved!)

We have footings!

My phone registered this,
however, according to the NWS
the temperature reached 100 degrees.

Meanwhile, Lucy is competing with Jasmine 
for the role of Helper Cat.
Here she is pretreating my laundry.

Yay for Friday!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

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