Friday, August 3, 2018

Vacationing in the Black Hills ~Hubby Working in Rapid City ~Our Trip Home

Monday morning, we woke to warm sunshine in the Hills.

You recall, this was our weekend weather, 
when we wanted to be tourists.

Hubby was up and out early to go to the office...
how do I entertain myself on his work trips?

That’s easy. 
For starters, I seek out the Fitness Center at the Hotel.

Google image
Then, back in the room, with coffee in hand, 
I get ready for the day while my ‘friends’ on the Today Show 
fill me in on what’s happening in the world.

Depending how long he is at the office, 
I sometimes go out to shop in nearby stores and boutiques.

With the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this weekend, 
we drove through Sturgis and Deadwood to see how 
those communities are preparing for half a million bikers.

The early arrivals were lining Main Street with their bikes,
however, we found parking in this public lot.

We enjoyed walking in and out of the shops and casinos. 

Spearfish was next along our route.
Here, we found the Steerfish Steak & Smoke,
a great place for a late lunch.

We sat ‘at the rail’ so hubby could watch golf.

The server asked if we would like a basket of ‘bar muffins’?
They were cornmeal muffins, 
made with a box of yellow cake mix added. 
That is Maple Butter on the side.

For lunch, Hubby and I shared their mussels.
These were not just any mussels, they were the Roosevelt Mussels
They were made with smokehouse kielbasa, bacon, spinach, 
sweet onion and basil sauteed in garlic Black Butte Porter cream sauce.
On the side, sourdough garlic medallions.

Yes, we were dipping buttery toast in a cream sauce...
sinful, but so delicious.

Good thing it was our only meal for the day!

We each had a side salad. Hubby had the Classic Caesar, 
and I, this beautifully presented Caprese Salad. 

It was a great way to end our mini-vacation in the Black Hills.

Take care,

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