Sunday, February 10, 2019

Goodbye to Jasmine ~Our Faithful Furry Friend

Last week we had to say goodbye to our Jasmine.

Jasmine lived in our home for only two years...
But had a special way of finding her way into our hearts.

She was brought to the Animal Care Clinic as an orphan.
 They tried to find a furever family for her, for three years.

When I was preparing for retirement, 
We felt like I should have another Helper Cat.
It was the perfect opportunity for Jasmine 
to retire from “working” at the clinic.

Jasmine loved to sit with us at the counter.

Jasmine had her own pillow on this chair.

She sat there when I was correcting papers. 
Sometimes it was just too much, and she fell asleep.

If I was working in the kitchen, she sat on this stool.

She was so interested in what I was preparing.

She kept us company even when we ate dinner.
She had excellent table manners.

Jasmine, the helper cat, was such good support staff. 

Perhaps her favorite place to hang out was in the mancave.

She even had her own chair. 
She watched hubby work his magic in the woodshop.

She would wait in the foyer, 
until I opened the door and let her go out.

Sometimes they took a break to relax
and watch baseball, golf, or football.

In warmer weather, Jasmine sat with us on our patio.

She just liked being with us, 
wherever we were, whatever we were doing.

Like all retired seniors, she enjoyed a little cat nap.

With Baby Jack...

...or by herself.

Whenever we came home from being out and about, 
Jasmine and Lucy were there to greet us.

Oh, how we miss that cat.
Give your furry friends an extra hug today.

Take care,

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