Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Looking for the Blog Worthy ~It’s Been Nine Days Since my Last Post

My days have all been the same...
Physical Therapy, House Chores, Crafting

When I haven’t posted to my blog for a while,
I look at my camera to see what photos I’ve taken...
and then, I know where my time has gone.
Most of the photos are of our cat and 
of what we’ve prepared for dinner.

We’ve had plenty of rain here in this neck of the woods.
Our plants out front are thriving!

There have been a few breaks in the wet weather,
enough for Hubby to grill something for dinner.

I graduated from Physical Therapy this week.

We enjoyed some live jazz music at The Ward.
Always a great way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday is Bison Game Day.
This week our Football Food was Super Nachos.
As you know, I like to make our own Taco Seasoning,
so I can limit the amount of salt in my diet.

Aren’t the spice colors pretty?!

OMG, Lizzie, GET DOWN!

I had my back turned while I mixed up the taco seasoning.
I have never seen her do this before...and I hope I never see it again!

So...I saved the Taco Meat, 
and we enjoyed Nachos with all our favorite toppings.

Here’s Lizzie staying calm and watching the game with Scott.

Another weekend highlight was 
a little FaceTime with Amy and Jack.

Hubby has perfected our Sunday Brunch of
Hash Browns
Egg and Toast

Then, just like that, the weekend’s over,
 and it’s another week of the same routine.
I hope this finds you all dong well.

Make your life Blog Worthy!

Take care,

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