Monday, September 9, 2019

Where the Weekend Went ~Lots of Rain ~Live Jazz Music ~Great Friends ~Bison Football ~Good Food

It has rained here for three days straight.
We have had about 4 inches of rain in this area.
(I saw it on Facebook so it must be official, right?!)
No complaints here, it was a nice gentle rain.
Our thoughts are with those that have suffered
from the effects of Hurricane Dorian.

We kicked off the weekend with
the Jazz Group playing at the Ward.
This is what it looks like when your hubby is the drummer
and you get there early to set up.
That’s the venue’s owner and the bartender to the right...
I had a choice of the best tables.

The band sounded great...
they hadn’t played together for a while.

Lots of folks came downtown to listen.
We enjoyed visiting with some friends that 
we haven’t seen for a while.

Saturday was Game Day...NDSU vs. UND.
The oldest Football Rivalry in ND History. 
We did house chores early so we could be ready for kick off.

Lizzie was in her Game Watching Chair early...

Then hubby and I joined her,
But not before preparing Football Snacks.

A favorite...Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders.
I cut strips of Chicken Breast and coated them with seasoned flour.

The second bowl is olive oil and garlic.

The last bowl is Panko Bread Crumbs,
Parmesan Cheese, and Herbs.
If you would like the recipe, look for it on my Pinterest Page.

With these in the oven, I could focus on a new recipe...
Homemade Mac & Cheese Bites.

Stir the Roux so it doesn’t scorch.

Once it bubbles and is slightly thickened,
you can add the sharp cheddar, cream cheese,
and an egg for binding.

Bake in a mini muffin tin.

Here are the Chicken Tenders with a little dipping sauce.

Here are the Mac & Cheese Bites with a Fresh Basil garnish.

Lizzie was soon bored with the game.

But we Bison Fans had plenty to cheer about.
I hope your favorite team won.

Take care,

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