Thursday, May 21, 2020

Senior Hour at the Supermarket ~Mask Making Update ~Do You Still Need a Mask or Two?

Helper Cat and I make another batch of masks every day.
As long as I get requests from our family and friends,
I am going to keep on sewing...

Over the weekend, I finished a large batch.
A friend and business owner
is providing them for all of their employees.

Since I now have a good variety of masks in my inventory,
I took a day to tidy up my mess, and focus on some house chores.

Starting with a trip to the Supermarket.
I so appreciate that they designate the first hour of their
daily opening for Seniors and First Responders.

I was alone in the produce section...

I was alone in the bakery...

And I was alone in the meat department.
You can see, there is no shortage of beef here.

However, the poultry is another story!

Seriously, there were very few other patrons
at 7 o’clock this morning.
And the folks I ran into were wearing masks.

It was a good shopping day at the supermarket.
Oh, how I’ve missed being able to take the time
to browse for what I need.

And the experience will be even better when we are allowed
to bring our own shopping bags! This is just after one  trip.

In case you are wondering how the
Patriotic Mask Collection is coming along?

This is just a start...
Let me know if you are interested.

Stay Safe and Well.
Take care,

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