Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whatcha workin' on Wednesday?

Old Farmhouse Gathering~Holiday Celebration...starts today, October 1st. One of my favorite entries is my "WildMan" Santa...I decided to make another "batch" as I will also need them for our local show, I have more hand embroidered faces, legs and beards...Anyone interested in purchasing one can check out my Etsy shop or contact me directly.

Scott is in the shop...he is making new display stands for our craft booth. Notice the brad nailer...this is perhaps the best Christmas present he has ever gotten!!

The weather here in South Dakota has been beautiful...almost perfect. My DH also volunteered to make dinner if I picked up something to would anyone in their right mind pass up that offer?

Back to my Santa Project...I'm in need of some more black belts...I've already used extra black belts from my closet, my husband's closet, and my mother-in-law's closet... guess I'll be heading to Salvation Army tomorrow!


M said...

Ooooh, I just gave away black belts to Good Will...I would have sent them to you!

Cute Santas!!

Happy October!

Kim Caro said...

fun santa :)

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Gotta love those air guns!! Once you use one, you never want to go back to hammer and nail! I love your Christmas goodies! How many craft fairs do you have planned for this fall. I have 3 and a small boutique. I wish you many sales in Etsy and at the fairs!

Debra said...

Very Cute Santa!!!!

I have my hubby in a blog post too!!! But he is painting.

Suzanne said...

Love your wildman Santa! He is adorable. The steak and corn on the cob looked wonderful! This weekend...