Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trimming our Trees and Update on Bella

We put up our trees today.
Stringing the lights is always the most time consuming task.
No sooner than the lights were in place,
Callie and Lucy were basking in the soft, warm glow under the tree.
There are two trees in our family room.
This one is decorated with ribbon and gold beads.
I wanted to string popcorn and cranberries,
however, Callie tries to eat that as her snack.
The second family room tree is smaller
and features all the handmade and children's ornaments.

I want to thank everyone that has sent supportive comments and kept Amy and her Bella in their thoughts this week. She has been a pretty sick kitty.
Monday, she was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. She doesn't want to eat or drink and has been losing weight.
A feeding tube was inserted Monday, but it fell out on Wednesday...
Instead of putting Bella through another surgery, she is being force fed every few hours.
She continues to be a little better each day.

Take care,


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Oh My, I am praying your kitty gets better or is comforted! Poor Baby... Your trees are Gorgeous... I LOVE that we are the generation of many trees, hehe... Our poor parents only had one(or at least mine did)... I just can't decide what I like "SO you go with everything"!!!
Hugs to you, Donna

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, poor Bella. I hope this helps and she can feel better soon. She looks so sad. ;(
Love your trees...we only have two, but that is one more than I ever had before.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Your Christmas tree came out so beautiful, warm and inviting!!!I also love the kitties under the tree all snuggle and happy! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!

Prim Blessings,

Oklahoma Granny said...

Beautiful trees! Poor little kitty. I hope she's better soon.

Romeo said...

Sending Bella warm snuggly kitty kisses. And of course I will keep her in our kitty prayers - yes, even kitties say bedtime prayers!

With regard to the tree....I'm not sure I see a problem with popcorn and cranberries. I mean it is food afterall! I thought it was a grand idea purrsonally - I mean that way snacks would be readily available. Better popcorn and cranberries than the Christmas tree, right?!!



Kit said...

Oh I am so sorry about your kitty. That breaks my heart. I have a cat of my own, and when he is not doing well, it grieves me so. I hope he gets better soon. Kit

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the well wishes on my kitty Bella! She is doing quite well these last couple of days-accepting her 'force feedings', purring, and snuggling up with me! I couldn't be happier!

We will have to post another picture of her where she isn't as sleepy as the last one on this post! Thank again for the well wishes.


Rock River Stitches said...

Your trees look so pretty! My kitties like to sit under the tree too. We have a new kitty who is just a little over a year old and I am afraid she is going to be climbing the tree. We will see when we put up the tree this weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Beautiful trees! We have the tree that's just for the kid's ornaments too, all the rest of the trees in the house are mine, hehe! My dog loved to sit under the tree on the skirt or he plops his rear end right in front of the fireplace. But now we have presents under there so there's no more room for him. He's not too happy about it. Although, he was sniffing the presents. I think he found his treats!

Sorry to hear about poor Bella! I hope she gets better soon!

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