Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things in my House Thursday~~The Little Things that Make Me Smile

We have our dining room table back.

This is what it has looked like since March 13th,
when we started our kitchen project... was making me kinda crazy...

So...tonight...I have been putting kitchen things away...
...clearing off the table... and all the kitchen stuff in the living room...

I just love my spring swag from Hobby Lobby...
It extends the length of the table...
And it's easy to change the swag for each season.

The centerpiece is a three tier plate stand.
On the bottom tier...
Pears from Hobby Lobby...and chippy white plates from our old farmhouse.
The Middle Tier...
Those wine goblets?  Wedding gifts from 29.75 years ago...
And our awesome Nutmeg Grinder...
a gift from sweet daughter, Amy and her boyfriend.
The top tier...
Those quaint pears from my mug mat swap partner, Tina.
And the pineapple salad servers are from Line, when she came home from her trip to Hawaii.

I'm looking forward to having things back to normal.
I will have new kitchen pictures to share...

Take care,

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What'cha Working on Wednesday & Monday Mail Call ~ Secret Sister Swap Goodies

Since it seems we will be skipping spring and going from winter right into summer here,
I purchased some spring tulips...
...cut and ready to appreciate.
It snowed on Monday...

These were our cars on Tuesday morning.

While everyone is tired of winter...
There is a plus side.
The students are still productive 
and classrooms are quite manageable.

When the weather gets nice,
students are ready for summer break...
everyone just wants to be outside.
Teachers included!

Yes, I am still making coffee in the bathroom. 
Our kitchen is slowly coming together,
The plumber has been here...
The counter top has been installed...
The texture and paint is dry...
Hubby has reattached the upper cupboards...

Once the sink and drain are functioning,
I'll be able to put everything away again.

Monday Mail Call
There's nothing better than a package in the mail.
This one came from my secret swap partner over at Char's.
I just love my spring bunnies and little chick.
Thank you so very much!

Thank you, everyone, who stopped by and left comments yesterday.
There are still so many unanswered questions...

Take care,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remembering Nina

Just when you think you might have something to complain about...think again... 

This is Nina's Senior Picture. She grew up and went to high school here, in Aberdeen. (She graduated in our daughter's class.)  She took all of my classes...I know exactly which chair she sat in...I can hear her voice and imagine her mannerisms when she participated in class discussions.

Shortly after lunch today, I learned that the horrible story about Christina Harms in Utah...was about our Nina.

Here's part of one newspaper story.
"Christina Harms was capable but not self-sufficient.
She graduated from high school and could do many things for herself, friends and family said, but the effects of her fetal alcohol syndrome meant she functioned at a preteen level. She needed someone there to care for her.
But police say it was the very people charged with caring for the 22-year-old Harms who abused her, putting pepper seeds in her eyes, binding her hands, even strapping her, crucifixion style, to a pole in a closet — and eventually killing her."
(She was born with fetal alcohol syndrome...something that she had to live with...and that was not her fault.)
"She [Christina Harms] must have been living in hell," Nelson added. "She didn't deserve this.
Officers were called to a possible overdose at a home in the 4900 South block of 5415 West at 3:11 p.m. Friday and found Harms’ body, said Unified Police Department spokesman Justin Hoyal. Investigators said Harms had marks on her ankles that were consistent with plastic zip ties. She had bruising on her thigh and head, and police found a pepper seed in her lower eye lid. Harms’ arms and hands were completely covered with bandaging material that would have prohibited her from pulling the pepper seed from her eye, police said."

I am sick and disturbed, 
I am mad, 
I am sad.
Please rest in peace, dear Nina.

Take care,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Hiked Smuggler...A Vacation Highlight

One of my highlights on our Colorado Vacation was our hike up Smuggler Mountain.
Here's the old mine...
And here's your history lesson for today...
In 1894, the world's largest silver nugget was harvested from Smuggler Mine. 
The nugget, 93% pure silver, weighed in at 2054 lbs. 
That's just over a ton of silver!
The view of Aspen and the mountains was spectacular.
While Emily is the picture of fitness and can hike to the top in 24 minutes...
She was very patient with her out-of-shape parents and we took our time.
The path looking up...

The path looking down...

Notice how the serious hikers have a pole to help keep their balance?
I came across a very large stick that was just the perfect length...
I don't think I could have made it up...or down without it!
(Funny story...many hikers are accompanied by their dogs. 
About halfway up, I had to wrestle my walking stick from a dog named Rosie)
On the way up, we stopped often to catch my breath!

Here is the Observation Deck at the top of the trail...
The view here is well worth the effort that it takes to get here.

Take care,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things in my House Thursday~~The Little Things that Make Me Smile

Never mind that I can hear our snow blower as hubby clears our driveway after yesterday's winter storm.
I just need a little in our house.
In Michaels...
I found the silk flowers to be 50% off.
And who doesn't love hydrangeas?!
This arrangement had been here since fall...
At the top of our our split foyer...
Callie says,
"It's about time!"

Take care,

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