Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gallivanting & a Thought that makes me Sad

Friends, you are all so caring with your comments and emails to cheer me...
Also for your expressions of concern for my mom...I feel like I should offer a little more explanation...
Just two years ago, my mom was living on her own.
Taking care of herself and her little townhouse.
And yes, that included clearing the snow from her walkway.

She and her gentleman friend went out and about everyday.
She would say they were gallivanting.

Gallivanting to the St. Olaf Church activities...to the VFW events honoring WWII Vets...
and their favorite was to go to Mr. and Mrs. J's for a bowl of soup.

She went to the meetings for Senior Citizens, WELCA, and Eastern Star...
She loves family and is very proud of all of her nieces and nephews...
and was always pleased to be included in family gatherings.

And every. single. day (weather permitting) she went to visit the elderly.
At Heartland Care, at the Odd Fellows home, at Mercy Hospital...
sometimes she would travel out of town to visit her friends.
She was honored at the RSVP spring banquet for visiting with the elderly.
I asked her,"Mom, since you are 88, how old are the elderly?"

Then she would say.
"I shouldn't spend so much time gallivanting when I have work to do."

But now...she is elderly, she is a shut-in.
She doesn't see well, she doesn't hear well.
She is frustrated. She is confused.

She is lonesome.
And does she have visiters?
Few and far between.

This is the thought that makes me sad.

Mom, the days you spent gallivanting, were hours well spent.
I'm pretty sure you made someone's day.

Take care,


Joyce said...

What a very sweet post...she sounds like an amazing lady.

Oklahoma Granny said...

The world needs more wonderful people like your mom.

pam said...

What a lovely post, bittersweet.

Diane Mars said...

Yes I agree very bittersweet, I sure hope she finds some joy, sounds like an amazing lady. It sure sucks I hate that my parents are getting so old, I wish I could just stop the clock! Happy Holidays to you and yours, Diane

chellebelle said...

Very sweet, a lesson for all of us.

Unknown said...

Hi Natalie,
Your sweet mom spent so much of her time giving to others; I wish it would be given back to her in the way of visits from friends in the area. God Bless her, she's a dear woman.


jennifer768 said...

What an amazing woman!It is a shame that more people can not be like her.Hugs,Jen

Diane said...

It's hard to see our parents in such a different light. I can't imagine your mom slowing down for even a minute. Thanks for sharing.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hi Natalie,
I am trying to get caught up..
It breaks MY heart too that your Mom is so lonely. For someone who always cared for others, and she is lonely now??? That is not fair.
I will pray for her...I hope she can find some joy in her days.
Will you be seeing her for Christmas? Can she come visit at your home??
I hope your girls are doing well.
Thinking of all of you,

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