Monday, August 17, 2015

Wedding Week ~Where the Week Went ~~So Much of It was a Blur #HubertPartyof2

Daughters and Son-in-Laws arrived a week ago...
Today, eveyone goes home.
Where did the week go?

We had some finishing touches to make on our DIY projects.
I cut the Lace Table Runners,
Jake designed the Photo Backdrop,

and Emily assembled the Party Animal placecard holders.

These three got in some time out at the golf course.

Dress Fittings...

...and Practice Hair Sessions.
So much to do, so little time!

Hubby and I hosted three dinner parties in three days.
Family and Guests were coming into town from
Massachusetts, the UK, New Hampshire, 
Georgia, Connecticut, Illinois, 
New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, 
Nebraska, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

We spent time grocery shopping,
preparing food,
and cleaning up the kitchen.
We received great help from Nick,

Amy, and the Bride and Groom.
We opened our home to our hometown friends
to greet and meet the out-of-town guests before the big day.

I so wish I had asked someone to take photos for me.
Since I was busy in the kitchen,
I have very few photos to show for the week.

I did dry my hands to capture this photo op 
of The Guests of Honor.

Here's celebrating the Bride and Groom.

More Photos to come...
Take care,

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