Sunday, April 30, 2017

Precious Cargo Reunion Tour ~Last Stop ~Fernson Brewing Company Tap House

After their Hall of Fame Concert performance,
the guys were exhausted. They left it all on the stage.

Somehow, on Sunday, they had enough adrenaline left 
to perform at Fernson on 8th.

Since the drummer has the most equipment,
hubby and I are usually the first ones there to set up.
However, it wasn't long before the guitar and bass players showed up.

Some of the band members had early flights,
but the musicians that were still around put on an awesome show.

More Cowbell...

I had so much fun re-connecting with the girlfriends...
plus, I met some of their children and grandchildren.

Here's everyone from the Fernson gig.
Thanks for the memories.

Take care,

p.s. I'm hoping we can all make a trip 
to Jamie's Ranch next summer!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Hall of Fame Induction Eve ~A Jam Session

The evening was for the Hall of Fame Inductees and their spouses.
First, a light meal was provided by the SD Rock & Roll 
Music Association and their sponsors.
Thank you, all.

And then the honored bands were introduced. 
These four musicians are the original founders of Precious Cargo.
Dan, Scott, Roger, and Mark.

Over the years, 21 musicians played with Precious Cargo.
15 of those were able to return to South Dakota for this event...
It was an awesome reunion.

After the social, the doors were open to the public.
Family, Friends, and Rock and Roll Fans joined us.

Precious Cargo took their turn on the big stage.

As the night went on, musicians from various groups 
combined their talents to entertain the fans.

Here's Scott and Chet from Precious Cargo 
performing with a member of the SDRRMA Board.

It was a great night of good music and fellowship.

The accomodations were perfect.
Our rooms were near this exit,
with the concert venue just across the parking lot.

Thank you again, John Mogen
and the Rock and Roll Music Association
for organizing this event.

Take care,

Monday, April 24, 2017

SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ~A Weekend to Remember ~~The Main Event

The stage was set... It was show time.
Some of the guys hadn't played together for over 30 years,
so they had been rehearsing for the better part of the week.

While the band was busy,
we "girlfriends" enjoyed a sweet reunion.
We four tagged along with the band from 1979 to 1981...
and spent many hours together watching them 
set up, perform, and tear down.

Our guys were the opening act...
with this display on the jumbotron,
the M.C. read the history of Precious Cargo.

And then...a suprise visit from Wally Wingert,
a CHS classmate and friend of some of the band members.
He introduced the band...and then...
 it was non-stop music.

It was fun to catch glimpses of hubby 
and friends on the jumbotron.

Since there were two drummers that had performed 
with the group over the years,
hubby had a chance to come out front 
to play auxiliary percussion and join in on vocals.

They performed 13 songs in their 30 minute timeframe.
They rocked the house...

The crowd was on their feet.

There was no doubt that this group belongs in the
SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hubby took this photo when he was out front...
The venue was packed!

The weekend was certainly one we will remember...


Take care,

Friday, April 14, 2017

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make me Smile ~An Easter Bunny Sighting

I thought I saw the Easter Bunny... the dining room

...and in the bathroom.

I know, I saw him, too... the living room.

Easter Blessings to all our Family and Friends.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Take care,

Thursday, April 13, 2017

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday~That's a lot of Bread #lovefacsclasses

Today we baked 21 batches of Cinnamon Rolls...
and noone killed their yeast!

Most of them were picture perfect...
and "melt in your mouth" delicious!

Yesterday, we made dinner rolls.
18 batches turned out...
One group killed their yeast.
One group used too much flour.
One group mismeasured their salt.
That's an 86% overall.
I guess we can't get an A every day!

Before the yeast breads, 
we prepared the four types of Quick Breads.

Pour Batter, Drop Batter,
Soft Dough, Stiff Dough,
along with a couple of variations on the Quick Bread theme.

Learning skills for a lifetime.

Take care,

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Forming a Feline Friendship ~Will it Happen?

When I get home from school, Lucy is always there to greet me.
She comes out from her napping place to meet me at the top of the stairway 
just like she had done for years with her friend Callie.

As you know, Lucy's world has changed a bit.
Callie has been gone for 5 months.
Two weeks ago, Jasmine moved in...
there has been some growling and hissing.

Jasmine is quite the social cat.
After school, she sits on my pillow, on my stool,
while I check into my two Etsy shops,
and answer personal emails.

Lucy is not convinced that adopting Jasmine was a good idea.

"Maybe if I ignore her, she will just disappear."

Hubby and I are hopeful that they will 
learn to tolerate each other...
I will keep you posted.

Take care,

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