Monday, June 5, 2017

Where the Weekend Went ~Celebrating a Wedding with Friends ~~Congratulations to Ashley and Logan ~Here's my Report

Good family friends are priceless.
We have been looking forward to this celebration for months.
We enjoyed the pre-wedding dinner 
with the two families uniting for the weekend.

Thank you to the bride's and groom's parents 
for hosting the weekend festivities.

Every bride can relate to this...lots of notes to write!
This bride took advantage of a little quiet time 
in the comfort of her childhood home to finish the task.

Wedding Day
Hubby and I are on our way to the church.

The FOB was there to greet guests as they arrived.
These two have been best friends for nearly 40 years!

We were honored to be 
seated with the family.
We are the bride's

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Hubby and I served as host and hostess 
along with her other godparents.
One of our duties was to clean up at the church.
We gathered the decorations,
cleaned up the dressing rooms,
and prepared the praise band stage for morning worship.

The Reception
My friend, and MOB, was stunning in her dress.

As host and hostess, 
we were granted the "power" of dismissing tables 
to go through the buffet line.

The Bride and Groom and Head Table went first.
The Family's tables were next.

And then those that held up the most cash...
just kidding!

The Dance
Father and Daughter Dance...
always a tender moment.

"Isn't She Lovely"
by Stevie Wonder was chosen by the FOB...
And was quite fitting.

Then this happened...
A trend at wedding dances is to invite all couples to the dance floor.
Then, couples are eliminated based on how long they have been married.
(Hubby and I made it to the semi-final round with 36 years)

The bride's grandparents easily won, 
as they have been married for 58 years!

The winning couple was to give advice to the newlyweds.
First grandpa, then grandma, took the microphone 
and spoke to Logan and Ashley.
Another special moment, indeed.

The Dollar Dance
A not so serious moment, 
when hubby spent his $ to dance with the groom.

The Garter Auction
Another not so serious moment was the garter auction.
Tickets were sold to see who gets to play musical chairs to win the garter.
Again, hubby danced his way into the semi-final round.

But seriously, Ashley and Logan,
we were honored to be a part of this special day,
as you begin your life together, happily married.

Thanks for the memories.

Take care,

some photo credits go to Father of the Bride
and to my hubby

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Busy Bee Suz said...

What a gorgeous wedding and what an honor for you both to have so much involvement! I love the new 'traditions'....the marrieage longevity and the paying for dances and musical chairs. FUN FUN FUN. I love your dress; you both look great!

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