Monday, March 26, 2018

Welcome to our Family ~Baby Boy Norgaard ~We Are All So In Love

Daughter Amy and Nick are now proud parents 
of this precious little bundle of joy.

Jack Benton was born at 11:53 pm on March 20,
the first day of spring.

Here he is...less than 24 hours old.

Babies don't stay in the hospital very long.
Amy and Baby Jack are waiting for the papers 
so they can check out and go home with Daddy.

Of course, 
first on the agenda is to meet the fur baby.

Amy and Nick put together an adorable Nursery 
for their Baby Boy.

Here's Jack checking out his new bed...

...and enjoying snuggles with his daddy in the glider.

This photo is a screen shot of the first of the many Face Time 
chats that I hope to have with our grandson!

I am so proud of our daughter...
she is going to be an amazing mother.

And equally proud of this man,
who is going to be a super daddy!

I can't wait to meet this little man.

I have always heard from other grandparents 
that this is a love like you've never experienced before.

Now, I get it.

Take care,

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Spring ~It is Still Winter Here ~Poor Jasmine ~This Retired Teacher Takes a Road Trip

google image

The First Day of Spring is a Celebration of 
Everything that is Fresh and New.

We are going to be patient here in the Dakotas...
We won't be sitting out on our patio anytime soon.

Thankfully, hubby has a snowblower 
to clear a path for us out front.

Jasmine, my new helper cat, has lived with us for almost a year.
If you remember when she first moved in, 
I (endearingly) called her "my little bowling ball".
Since the holidays, she has lost a 
significant amount of weight (for a cat),
So we took her out to the clinic for some blood work.

Hubby occasionally travels around the state for work.
While teaching, I had always said,
"just think, when I am retired, I can go with you!"

With Jasmine in the Pet Hospital,
I accompanied hubby on one of his overnight work trips.

We enjoyed walking around downtown to check out the shops,

and the restaurants. This is the MacKenzie River Pizza.
I know, it doesn't look busy here,
but it wasn't long before it filled in with hungry patrons.

The next morning, Hubby was off to the local office,
and I was off to the local coffee shop...

...with the best looking cupcakes.
It was hard to resist, 
but I had just spent 30 minutes in the hotel's Fitness Center.
That sweet treat would just negate those efforts.

I spent most of my time here at the Child's Play Boutique.
Books, Toys, Clothing...
my suitcase to meet our new grandson is only so big!

And while shopping the Women's Boutiques,
I was treated to a Mimosa.
Retirement Life is the best!

Meanwhile, at home, it is Corned Beef Hash Season...
Hubby's most favorite brunch entree.

He has mastered the art of making this March delicacy.

Also, on the homefront, 
Lucy has enjoyed being the only cat again.
And we all anxiously await Baby News!
Stay tuned...

Take care,

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Here Are Just a Few of My Favorite Photos of Our Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to Emily.
This year finds her enjoying a Snow Day at home,
as another Noreaster brings 12 to 18 inches of snow to the East Coast.

The years have gone so fast...
now, she is an accomplished young woman,
radiating warmth and sunshine to those around her.

Emily and Jake have such a welcoming home,
and are a great host and hostess.

She is organized and efficient at work...

...and in the kitchen.

She is passionate about Health and Fitness...
and encourages others to follow in her footsteps.

She is a caring sister and she made our family of four complete.

Have a wonderful birthday. Love ~Mom & Dad

Stay Safe and Warm, Everyone!

Take care,

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Finds ~The Farmer's Wife Boutique

Hubby and I anxiously await news about the arrival of
our first grandson. His due date is in a couple of weeks,
but we all know that babies arrive 
when they are ready to meet the world!

Meanwhile, this Nana is planning a trip to visit the little family,
to help out around the house, and to snuggle our new baby boy.
I will have plenty of room in my suitcase,
and I want to bring the things that our new mama
wants and needs.

This week, 
I discovered my new favorite place to shop for baby.

Infinity Scarves for the Nursing Mother...
such pretty prints!

And many double as a car seat cover.

The Swaddles were so soft and comfy...

It was hard to choose a favorite.

The Jelly Cat...
I am in love with this place!

Samantha, the real Farmer's Wife, was so attentive
and showed me around.
She is now a mother of three and was happy to show
me what she likes and what works well for her.

I asked about a Nursing Cami,
and she showed me what she likes to wear...
A tank top by Nikibiki.
Super stretchy and comfy too.

It comes in so many pretty colors.

Speaking of breast feeding...
this is most valuable.
(All you breastfeeding moms know what we're talking about)

Samantha has thought of everything.

See this hooded towel. That green tab on the top
is to hang it up to drip dry... And the wash cloths were sooo soft.

The Pello is not going to fit in my suitcase,
but I wish!
It is perfect for lounging on the floor,
tummy time,
and to sit up and play a little later on.

The softest baby blankets ever!

There were a couple of options for 
keeping your pacifier up off the floor.

This idea is genius.
It is the Happy Mat Placemat.
It suctions to your highchair tray or table.
Samantha said that many of her mom friends 
carry it in the diaper bag, along with a ziplock baggie.
After eating away from home, they can just grab the plate,
and zip it up to take it home.

I just love, love, love these stuffed animals.
that can record your voice reading a story, or singing a lullaby
for baby...

...pretty special for families that live far apart!

One thing is for sure,
When this mama and baby visit us here,
we will make our way downtown to this sweet boutique.

For all of you locals,
it is downtown, in the Historic Ward Hotel.

Take care,

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