Thursday, February 28, 2019

Things in our House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile

If you have followed my blog for a while, 
you know that I absolutely love dress forms...
Especially Vintage Dress Forms!

We found this gem in an antique store near Rochester, MN, 
when visiting Amy there.
She is standing watch over 
great aunt Birdie’s antique sewing machine.

During the holidays, a friend of ours discovered 
my passion for dress forms and gifted this one to me.
I love the metal basket on the bottom.
Thank you, Robin!

She is a wonderful addition to my collection.
She is on display in our family room, 
with my Grandmother’s Treadle Sewing Machine.

The tree on my bathroom vanity is adorned for March.
These two keep me company 
when I get ready in the morning.

My Sewing Studio is the logical place 
for my Dress Form Collection.

This girl greets all who enter there.

This dress form pin cushion 
is a gift from my Sister-in-Law.

This stands on my dresser in our bedroom,
 a gift from my hubby.
It is the perfect way 
to store necklaces without tangling.

This is my one sturdy working girl. 
She displays items for the photos 
I am taking for my Etsy Shop 
and the on-line Rummage Sale. 
She often accompanies us to help work at Winterfest.

I know what you’re thinking...
enough is enough!
However, I would love to have a 
Vintage Wolf Dress Form.

It would be a dream come true, 
if hubby and his buddy came home 
from an auction sale with one in his pickup!

I think Jasmine was a fan, too!

Take care,

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What’cha Workin’ on Wednesday ~Thoughts of Spring ~A Team Effort

Most of the folks in our neck of the woods
are tired of extreme cold and snow.
We look forward to packing away our snowmen decor 
and bringing out Bunnies for Spring and Easter.

Hubby has been working his magic in the wood shop 
to create these pedestal bases for my most recent creation.

Perhaps you remember 
I went to every Thrift Store in town 
to buy stands for my Santas for Winterfest.

Now, I have my own personal wood turner 
right out in the man cave!

Plus, these are so much better than the ones 
I purchased at the Salvation Army!
Thank you, Honey.

That’s not the only project to come off the lathe.

These carrots were a good opportunity 
for hubby to practice with his new tools.

And you really can’t have bunnies 
without a few carrots!

He made a variety of sizes...

I tied them up in a bundle of three.

Calico Carrots are fun to make, too...

Stitched, Stuffed, Stained and Baked.

Carrot tops of green homespun are attached and ready.

Watch for these Bunnies and Carrots 
in my Tins and Treasures Etsy Shop.

Spring is Coming...someday!

Take care,

Friday, February 15, 2019

Remembering my Mom ~This Day, Six Years Ago

Those of you that have lost a parent will relate. 
Even tho’ you expect it will happen someday, 
when your mom dies, it creates a big hole in your heart.
I used to call her every day to chat, 
on my way home from school.

But this time of year, I miss her more than ever.
She had fallen several times, 
but the spill she took on January 28, resulted in a fractured hip.
Because of her heart condition, she was considered a high risk patient.
She was transferred to the hospital in Grand Forks, 
where she had surgery to repair her broken hip.
The following day she suffered a stroke.

Scott and I traveled back and forth from Aberdeen to be with her.
She died on February 7th, the day before a huge blizzard.

 I love these photos of a very special weekend...
A much happier weekend.
It was the last time our daughters visited their Grammy. 
We all spent Mother’s Day weekend with her, 
before they both moved away.

Mom lived in an assisted living center, 
so we would eat with her in the dining room,
and then sit out in the warm spring sunshine on the patio.

But, back to this week in February...
Due to the Winter Storm, 
Valentine’s Day, and the Presidents Day Holiday,
we held her funeral on this date, February 15th, 2013.

She planned every last detail herself. 
She let me know where to look when the time came.
In addition to her Obituary, and the Funeral Plans, 
she left this poem, 
“Miss Me, But Let Me Go”.

My Mother, 
always organized, 
always considered every detail.

I miss her.

Take care,

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Family and Friends ~What’s in our House Thursday ~The Little Things That Make Me Smile

Best wishes to all of you for a warm and wonderful 
Valentine’s Celebration with someone you love.

May it be filled good company, 
great conversation, 
A delicious dinner, 
and maybe a sweet treat.

We were happy to know that our Valentine boxes
reached our daughters, their hubbys,
and our grandson
 in time for this special day.

Here on the home front, one of my favorites is the 
little tree on my bathroom vanity.

When the Christmas ornaments come down, 
my Valentine ornaments go up.

Another highlight of my day was a
Valentine manicure.
This pretty pink color is called Ecstasy!
Thank you, Diane.

Tomorrow, the Valentine Decor comes down...
so I am enjoying it for just one more day!

Sending warm hugs and love 
to each and every one of you.

Take care,

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Goodbye to Jasmine ~Our Faithful Furry Friend

Last week we had to say goodbye to our Jasmine.

Jasmine lived in our home for only two years...
But had a special way of finding her way into our hearts.

She was brought to the Animal Care Clinic as an orphan.
 They tried to find a furever family for her, for three years.

When I was preparing for retirement, 
We felt like I should have another Helper Cat.
It was the perfect opportunity for Jasmine 
to retire from “working” at the clinic.

Jasmine loved to sit with us at the counter.

Jasmine had her own pillow on this chair.

She sat there when I was correcting papers. 
Sometimes it was just too much, and she fell asleep.

If I was working in the kitchen, she sat on this stool.

She was so interested in what I was preparing.

She kept us company even when we ate dinner.
She had excellent table manners.

Jasmine, the helper cat, was such good support staff. 

Perhaps her favorite place to hang out was in the mancave.

She even had her own chair. 
She watched hubby work his magic in the woodshop.

She would wait in the foyer, 
until I opened the door and let her go out.

Sometimes they took a break to relax
and watch baseball, golf, or football.

In warmer weather, Jasmine sat with us on our patio.

She just liked being with us, 
wherever we were, whatever we were doing.

Like all retired seniors, she enjoyed a little cat nap.

With Baby Jack...

...or by herself.

Whenever we came home from being out and about, 
Jasmine and Lucy were there to greet us.

Oh, how we miss that cat.
Give your furry friends an extra hug today.

Take care,

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