Saturday, June 29, 2019

Visiting Boston ~Spending Time with Family ~My Birthday Report ~Fenway...There’s No Better Way to Spend the Day

Hubby purchased Red Sox tickets for my birthday. 
Our original plan was take the T downtown to Fenway. 
However, my wheelchair made us rethink that idea.

The outing would have started with a mile walk to the station.
Then another walk to reach the ball park. 
So, Uber sounded like a much better option. 
The driver picked us up at the apartment 
and took us right up to Fenway Park.

Getting downtown more quickly had another advantage.
We were some of the first to get to the Bleacher Bar, 
and we snagged these ideal seats.
The large garage door opens to the field 
and one can watch the teams warming up.

Those prime location tables in front of us come with some rules.
Each person needs to order their own entree 
and they rotate patrons out every 45 minutes.

Since Jake had made hearty breakfast sandwiches before we left, 
we were planning to just share an appetizer.

The Bleacher Bar is literally under the bleachers of Fenway.
Perhaps you have heard about the bar 
that has a window over the men’s urinals? 
This is the place. 
You can look up and see men using the bathroom. 
(Head and shoulders only, ha)

Here’s the Happy Birthday Girl.

The place is very popular...Within 20 minutes it was packed.
We felt very lucky to have our seats.

Everyone was so accommodating. 
We stopped at Fan Services and were able to exchange our original seats 
(that involved steps and climbing over people to get to the middle of the row) 
for four seats in the handicapped area up on the concourse.

It was the perfect way to spend my Birthday.
A special thanks to my family for taking such good care of me.

We are blessed.
Take care,

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Visiting Boston ~Spending Time With Family ~Weekend Road Trip ~A Day at the Beach

It was a lovely day to go to the beach. 
Wingaershaek Beach is one of Emily and Jake’s favorites.
Plus it is one of their closest beach destinations.

Which was a good traffic was crazy as usual.
Perhaps everyone was heading to the beach 
on this fine Saturday!

When we paid to park, 
Jake asked about a beach wheelchair.
It was amazing!
It was like something NASA would send to the moon!!

So after we settled with our beach blanket, bags and cooler,
they all went for a walk and I stayed with our belongings.
This was my view to the left.

This was my view to the right.
The sun and slight breeze was just so pleasant.

When Emily and Jake came back 
to relax in the warm sunshine,

Hubby took me for a stroll along the beach.

With that awesome chair,
I was able to go out in the water with him.

After we had enough sun, sand, and fresh air, 
it was time to pack up and go into town...
Gloucester is close and quite charming.

After a day on the beach, this is Emily and Jake’s
favorite place to go for some seafood.

The gracious host and hostess.

The happy tourists.

This is hubby’s plate of fried clams.

This was our view from the patio.

The seagulls hang out in hopes of getting a morsel of food.

After dinner we strolled along the boardwalk.

And then downtown Gloucester.
It was fun to browse the charming little shops.

After a sudden rain shower, 
we took advantage of a break in the clouds 
to get back to our vehicle and find our way home.

It was a great day.
We are blessed.

Take care,

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Visiting Boston ~Spending Time with Family ~Day Seven

While Hubby and I were on vacation, Emily and Jake were not.
They still had work obligations.
We dropped Emily off at her facility, 
as she had important meetings on her agenda.

Just down the street from Zone Wellness 
is the Zildjian Symbol Factory.

Remember that the three of us enjoyed 
a tour there a year and a half ago.
Hubby was not able to attend at that time.

So this year, it was his turn.
He thoroughly enjoyed that 90 minutes!

Jake and I viewed the displays in the lobby.

We felt right at home waiting in the employee break room. 
Jake took care of work emails and phone calls. 
I enjoyed coffee and the Zildjian television broadcast.

If you visit the Boston area, this tour is well worth your time.

Be sure to sign up early, as there is a waiting list.

With Emily still at work, I hung out with the guys.
First stop...lunch at McSwiggans, an Irish Pub.
They both ordered the McSwiggan’s Burger, 
featuring three types of meat.

My lunch was the Cod Fish Cake...
Cod, mashed potatoes, dill, butter, and fresh herbs, 
over a spring mix and remoulade sauce.

Since I was confined to a wheelchair, 
it’s not like they could drop me off at the Hobby Lobby! 
So I enjoyed man shopping with stops at Home Depot, 
the Wine and Liquor Store, and a Golf Pro shop.

Then we received the message that Emily was ready to leave. 
We enjoyed visiting her at her workplace, 
and hearing about their programs.

It was another great day.
We are blessed.

Take care,

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Visiting Boston Back Bay ~Spending Time with Family ~Day Six

Emily and Jake had an appointment downtown Boston. 
Hubby and I tagged along. They dropped us off here.

We enjoyed the shops at Copley Place. 
It was easy to get my wheelchair in and out of the stores.

So much to look little time!

Dillon’s was our recommendation for lunch.
Built in 1887, it is a historic Boston Landmark. 
It is named after Captain Dillon who was stationed 
there from 1920 to 1950.
(This is their Facebook photo)

You can see it here on my photo, way to the left.
Dillon’s is known to be the best patio in the Back Bay...
a local favorite.

Here are the lunch regulars.

We ordered a good ole’ SD Angus beef burger 
and fries to share.

Not sure what we all did before cell phones, 
but Emily messaged us when they were finished 
and they scooped us up off the street.

We spent the evening at a nearby driving range.
Hubby was as happy as a clam.

The guys discussed their strategy at length.

Emily and I took charge of ordering some appetizers.
They had a great menu here. 
This is their Signature Burrata...
soft mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, pesto, 
and balsamic on a grilled baguette.

And of course, when in Boston, one must order some seafood. 
This is their Calamari served over arugula, 
drizzled with lemon garlic aioli.

The guys hit a bucket of balls.

Emily and I enjoyed watching them play.

Thank you for the great evening.
We are blessed.

Take care,

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