Saturday, November 27, 2021

It’s a Big Weekend for Shopping ~Black Friday ~Small Business Saturday ~Cyber Mornday

Did you get up and out early to snag some Black Friday Deals,
or did you stay home with your morning hot beverage
and shop online in your pajamas?

Today, Small Business Saturday,
has always been a day that our family has enjoyed.
Hubby and I are planning to go out this morning
to visit our local boutiques.

We hope to find inspiration for just the right gift for
the remaining friends and family on our list.

Winterfest was a great weekend of sales for us.
Of course, we brought plenty of treasures home.
I promptly took inventory and listed/reactivated
many items in my Etsy Shop.

Local Friends, if you missed Winterfest
and see something you’d like, just send me a message.
We can save time and money with a contactless pickup.

I was excited to hear that “Cha-Ching” yesterday of another sale.
Someone purchased one of my Infinity Scarves.

If you still need something for your favorite bartender,
don’t forget about Hubby’s hand turned bottle openers and Muddlers.
We also have some of his Wine Bottle Necklaces and
my Santa Wine Gift Bags in our inventory.

Below is the link to my Tins and Treasures Etsy Shop.
Tomorrow I hope to list even more items in preparation
for the upcoming Cyber Monday.

Have a Wonderful Weekend, Everyone.

Take care,

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving Blessings to All Family and Friends ~Thanksgiving 2021 ~Here’s my Report

Anyone who knows me, knows this is my favorite Holiday.
Thanksgiving is all about spending time with Family & Friends,
Plenty of Good Food, and Giving Thanks for all Life’s Blessings.

As soon as the Ghosts, Witches, and Black Cats
were stored away, out came my Thanksgiving Decor.
Did you notice my new Wool Acorns for the Tree
on my Bathroom Vanity…the perfect nightlight
when I get up in the night.

A Coffee Scented Candle is my favorite…
second favorite, Pumpkin.

These Pilgrims watch over my every move in the kitchen.

Pre-Thanksgiving Preparations include
cooking the Cranberry Sauce.

So easy and so delicious.
There’s even a recipe attached to the bag of Cranberries.

I cube the bread using our electric knife.
Stuffing is the favorite side dish of my Hubby,
his mother, and his sister.
So today, I made a triple batch!

Here’s Mr. Butterball, the Star of the Show.

The Mashed Potatoes can also made ahead of time.

Cousin Clarice shared her recipe many years ago.

A new Salad recipe features Greens, Onion,
Bacon, and Toasted Pecans.

We give thanks.

Great Grandma must have been hungry.
She cleaned her plate before the rest of us finished dishing up!

When we finished eating, she brought out a Hostess Gift.

A Pumpkin Pie scented candle.
You know I’m going to love that!

Now, it’s time to gather the Fall Decor for storage,
and bring the Christmas Tree down from the Attic.

I hope you all had a beautiful day with family and friends,
enjoying all your traditional Thanksgiving favorites.

Take care,

Monday, November 22, 2021

Winterfest 2021 ~A Wonderful Weekend ~Here’s my Report

Winterfest 2021 is now a memory…a very good memory.
We had so many friends stop by our booth to say Hello.
The event didn’t happen last year due to the Pandemic,
so folks were ready to take in the festivities…
Local friends, Live Music, Good Food, and Holiday Shopping!

The arena opened for set up at 1pm.
I spent my last morning at home making
some finishing touches and pricing items.
This Snowman is another of my favorite items.
Once I add eyes to my creations,
they just show their true personality!

First, we set up our tent and display stands.
Hubby brings his power tools and does most of the work.
I’m just there to hold stuff while he’s using his drill,
making sure the shelves are secure and steady.

Here’s how it looked three hours later,
with all of our creations on display.

In the morning, we just need to turn on the lights,
and put our cash in the register drawer.
Hubby had plenty of time to chat with the other Wood Turners,
while I made sure everything was just so.

For those of you out-of-town friends that could not attend,
I promised plenty of photos.

Hubby’s candle holders and wine bottle necklaces shared a shelf.

His bottle openers were one of our best sellers.
They make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite bartender.

The Foot Rollers are a good stocking stuffer
for someone who is on their feet all day.

There’s my favorite new Santa holding his Cinnamon Stick Tree.
He’s hanging out with the Santa created with Vintage Wool.

Who remembers that story behind these
decorative cutting boards?

Lots of folks asked about the Muddlers…a handy tool for
those who like to create fancy cocktails or desserts.

Tins are the perfect gift for a teacher or secret pal.
I loved this story on Saturday…a young woman purchased
one for her sister. They were so poor when growing up
that they couldn’t afford to buy gifts, so they
painted cans to give to their family.
She truly found the perfect gift for her sister this year!

The Owls and Turkeys got a lot of attention.
Those burlap stockings are the perfect size
for some cash or a gift card to hang on the tree.

There’s something for everyone.

One of our last sales of the weekend was a Grandpa
who purchased some ornaments with his granddaughter
to take home and hang on their tree.

Another sweet story that made me smile.

At the end of the day, we packed the rest up
and brought it all home.
This week you will find them listed in my Etsy Shop…
still looking for their forever home.

I hope you enjoyed this Virtual Visit
to our Tins and Treasures Winterfest booth.

And for those of you that stopped by,
we enjoyed our visit and appreciate your business.

Take care,

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

My Weekend Crafting Retreat ~Winterfest Countdown ~Three Days

Here’re my Progress Report. I’m anxious to share photos
of our most recent creations.
Remember, I was working on these pillows last week.
Now, they look like Santas!

This year’s batch of Tins, created from recycled food cans.
There are at least half a dozen steps from start to finish,
with necessary drying time in-between.
Now they are lined with Tissue Paper, ready for you
to add a little candy, teabags, gift cards, jewelry?

Remember, Hubby and his Friend and Woodturning Mentor
had gone out of town for an Arts and Crafts Fair.
Here are Hubby’s creations on display.

I started my Weekend Crafting Retreat by
making a big pot of chili, to feast on for three days.

This is the recipe for Vegetarian Chili
that I have used for years.
I combined my favorites from this recipe into the
ingredients in a Chili recipe that our daughter sent..
That can be found on my Pinterest Page.

Here’s how those Santa Ornaments turned out.
Vintage Buttons are glued on,
Yes, it took several hours to get them all finished!

Saturday was Bison Game Day.
So Lizzie and I dressed in our Spirit Gear and found the game on ESPN+
Hubby has a cord to connect the laptop to his television,
and had it all hooked up for us.

Wasn’t long before Lizzie lost interest in the game.

Watching the game out in the Man Cave,
was a good opportunity for me to organize our
Tins and Treasures Inventory and pack the Storage Tubs.

A variety of Santas are looking for a Forever Home.

These have been created with Vintage Wool.

Here’s a peek inside that Burlap Santa Bag.

These little Snowmen have always been a favorite in our shop.
Here in the Midwest, we can keep snowmen  on display
from November until March!

When the Football Game was over, we watched Hallmark Movies.
Apparently Lizzie can stay awake for those.

If you are a fan, you know that you can
watch Hallmark Holiday Movies 24/7 now.

I’m pretty excited about how this Santa Turned out.

His Beard is created of Warm and Natural Fleece.

A Cinnamon Stick is the trunk of his Christmas Tree.
Vintage Buttons adorn his Coat.

I also have had requests for more owls.
I completed the hand stitching on this parliament.
Did you know that’s what a Group of Owls is called?

Three days until we load all of these Treasures
into our vehicles and move downtown.

Plan to Stop by and Say Hello!

Take care,

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