Monday, October 17, 2022

Kicking Off the Weekend ~Oktoberfest ~Pizza and Beer Tasting Event ~Good Friends are a Blessing

That’s right, we started our Weekend Fun early…
We attended an Octoberfest Event
on Thursday, with these good friends.

It has been three weeks since my accident,
and my only outings have been for appointments.
So I “got ready”
Went to the Beauty Bar to get “my nails did”.
Going to the Salon not only improves your appearance,
It is also good therapy.

Back home, we turned our kitchen into a salon.
Hubby did my hair and helped me put on a nice shirt
and sweater under my sling.

The event was held at the One Legged Pheasant, our local brewery.
One hundred tickets were sold in advance.
That was the limit set by the fire marshal.
Thanks to Chuck and Wendy for securing tickets, weeks ago.

The line to get in was out the door.

Pizzas were created, prepared, and delivered by Jimmy’s Pizza.
This was our Appetizer... Obatzda Pizza.
Pretzel Beer Cheese, like the dip served in Munich at Oktoberfest.

Yes, the crust was like a soft pretzel…This would be a great addition
 to your Tailgating Table, cut in small slivers.
It was delicious.

It was paired with the OLP Ground Pounder Helles.

Main course was a Fleischkuechle Calzone.
A German-Russian meat pocket.

This reminded me of visiting our daughter in Lincoln,
When she attended UNL. Our family would  usually eat at Runza.
Those memories made this my personal favorite of the evening.

It was paired with the OLP Ring Neck Red.

Next entree was the Maultaschen Pizza.
Those meat filled spirals are labor intensive,
so call Jimmy’s way in advance to order.

This was the favorite of the other three at our table.

It was paired with the Hop Slap IPA

This was everyone’s favorite pizza and our least favorite beer.

Our dessert was this Black Forest Pizza.

This chocolate cake crust,
 topped with more chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream
will satisfy everyone’s Sweet Tooth.

It was paired with the OLP Kilt Kicker Stout.

This was my favorite brew, as it tasted like coffee.

Here’s the menu/ballot on each table.
You can read a full description of each Pizza and Brew…
And we rated each pairing.

Four tasty slices of pizza with four tasting glasses of beer.
A good time was had by all.

We “took a Main” on the way home…
All lit up like Times Square.

For my concerned family and friends:
Yes, I am currently on a variety of medications
and am shying away from adult beverages.
I enjoyed a sip of each beer and our husbands
were happy to split the rest of my serving.

 I hope you all had some fun over the weekend.

Take care,

Photo credits  to the One Legged Pheasant for some of these images.

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