Monday, September 25, 2023

Our Autumn Adventure ~Goin’ on a Road Trip ~But first, It’s been a Year

All our Bags are Packed, We’re Ready to Go…

As this date rolled around, I reflect back on the past year.
September 24 was the day of my accident.
With fractures in my neck, shoulder, and ribs,
I spent two nights here, in the hospital.

You all remember I came with with a fancy neck brace
and a sling on my right arm.

Words cannot express how much I appreciated the love and
support from you, my dear family and friends.

For a year, my primary focus has been on recovery.
Hubby drove me to Sanford, twice a week, for physical therapy,
blood work, and blood pressure checks with a nurse.

I count my blessings that my injuries were not worse.
While my body has changed, I am thankful
that I am able to do the things I enjoy.

Like accepting an invitation from family to go on a road trip.
We look forward to an AirBnB near the Beach,
A Golf Tournament, Fresh Seafood, and a Leaf Peeping Tour.
Of course, being with family will be the best.

So here’s my Day One Report:
Our first stop…
When you live in a town nicknamed The Hub City,
one expects to wait for a train whenever going out and about.

Our second state of the day…

…and the first entry in Hubby’s Burger Tour.
At the MAV Grill in Worthington, this is a Bison Burger,
with Bourbon Caramelized Onions, and Smoked Gouda Cheese Sauce.

That lunch provided the sustenance to get us
to our third state for Day One.

When in Wisconsin, one must order the Cheese Curds.

Cheers to an Autumn Adventure!

Take care,

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