Monday, December 11, 2023

Monday Memories ~Holiday Highlights ~My Favorites ~Spending Time with Family ~Priceless

It has been a week since we hugged goodbye and
our family was on their way home.

Here are a few more of the memories that make me smile…

Y’All know how much I enjoy a Supermarket.
The two of us took on that errand.
Jojo was in charge of the list while I pushed the cart.

Mama was at an appointment.
We finished checking out and had enough time, before she picked us up,
 to wait in the Coffee Shop and share a package of Donut Holes.

On the days when we couldn’t go to the Tot Gym,
we got our steps in at the Mall.

I’m pretty sure Papa knows what’s on his
granddaughter’s Christmas Wish List.

Mama and Daddy were at the house, busy with Work Calls
and Virtual Meetings, so we stopped for lunch.
Culver’s Mashed potatoes were a hit.

In fact, the day before, Papa and Gigi treated to her very
first McDonalds Happy Meal.

It all tastes better dipped in a little Ranch.

I was pleased to have help with the kitchen chores…
Meal prep, the dishes, and running Roomba.

Our evening routine included a bath and occasional pedicure…

before relaxing with the family to watch movies.
We really like The Grinch.

We stopped in at the Pear Tree Massage Holiday Open House
and were greeted by their Employee of the Month, Bernard.

You can’t beat a trip to the Library.

After our visit to the Museum,
we walked across the street to Roma Ristorante Italiano.
We girls had a beverage while waiting
for Papa and Daddy to meet us for dinner.

The best Italian Cuisine in town.

A couple days later we met the guys for lunch at our favorite Dive Bar.
They had worked up an appetite while out hunting.
We worked up an appetite playing toys.

A Good Time was had by All.
My Heart is Full.

Take care.

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