Friday, April 24, 2015

TGIF and Where the Week Went ~A Sneak Peak at the new ATEC Building

Monday was our last Inservice/Teacher Collaboration Day of this school year.
On our agenda, was a sneak-peak tour of our new ATEC Building.

Here is my new supervisor leading our tour group...
in my new classroom.

These are my new storage cabinets...
yes, even a closet to hang my coat!

I am lucky to have windows.
I will be able to watch the blizzards 
rolling across the Dakota Prairie!

It will be a busy summer for the construction crew.

This will be my 38th year teaching in the same school district.
I will have taught in 5 different buildings,
and in 14 different classrooms.

I guess I should be a pro at packing and moving.

Happy Weekend!
Take care,

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