Thursday, April 16, 2015

Things in our House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~~Partial Bathroom Project Reveal

You must be wondering how our bathroom DIY is going?
It has been busy at school...last week, parent/teacher conferences.
...this week, standarized testing.
(and, Hubby's work is busy/stressful too)

So, you already know that due to to unfortunate circumstances 
we had to add a tile backsplash and buy a new sink...

When installing a new sink, you must make sure your cat approves.

I found this list of Bathroom Rules at Hobby Lobby.
Then a few days later, a ceramic vase and silk flowers.

My soft soap dispenser matches perfectly!

I love a vintage clawfoot bathtub.
We have one in the farmhouse where I grew up...
plus, the house hubby and I lived in as newlyweds had a quaint little sink and clawfoot tub.
I didn't think twice when I found this canvas.

And most of you know I have a thing
 for vintage style dress forms.

This one is embellished with a 
Norwegian Traditional Necklace.

This is one we purchased while scouring Antique Shops 
when visiting our Amy in Rochester, Minnesota.

It is definitely a work in progress, 
as I am still looking for shelves to hang over the stool.

I'll keep you posted.

Take care,


Pat said...

Looking good.... glad the kitties approve.

Karen Martinsen said...

Hi Natalie,
What a fun delightful post.
I love your new bathroom changes.
When I got to the picture of kitty and the faucet it brought a huge smile. We lost our kitty a little over a month ago and I still get sad thinking of anytime I can see kitty pictures I love it.
Love everything you have done and your accessories are just perfect.

Kit said...

Looking great! I love that raised sink. The colors are lovely and look great together. :) Kit