Saturday, October 3, 2015

Friday Fun ~Central High School Homecoming ~~Love My Seniors

Our fabulous band was up before dawn.
It is tradition to play the School Song 
outside our Principal's house around 6 a.m.
And then on to the high school to perform for 
students and teachers arriving for the school day.
(notice, the sunrise was spectacular)

Classes went on as normal as possible, anyway.
The energy level was high, and the schedule was shortened.
Here is my Foods class enjoying homemade rice krispie treats,
and the movie "Remember the Titans"

And a Time Management Project in my 
Personal Development class. 

Then, it was time to gather in Super Study Groups.
Everyone is showing school spirit!

It is tradition for the senior girls to wear the 
football team's traveling jerseys.

And I guess it's tradition for the guys in my group to take this shot.

Here they are a couple of years ago.

Then we gathered for the Pep Assembly.

Football players


and the Drumline.
There's something for everyone!

Since I am a "Senior" too, the girls 
allowed me in their group photo.

I hope you are all enjoying your hometown's 
fall homecoming festivities.

Take care,

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Kit said...

It looks so wonderful! We just had our U of M homecoming. Such fun! Kit