Monday, October 5, 2015

More Wedding Talk ~~The Gift Opening ~~And Hubby's Birthday Takes a Backseat

After enjoying lunch with our daughters and their hubbys,
we moved the "party" home.

My first priority was to find vases to get the flowers in water.

The decorators took their containers home
and left the flowers in bundles.
They were so beautiful, I couldn't just let them wilt.

So while everyone else napped,
I was saving flowers!
And it was so worth it!!
Callie and I enjoyed those flowers for two weeks.

Who doesn't love fresh flowers?!
The colors were just beautiful.

The cards were in this mailbox.
Thank you, everyone, who gave a giftcard!

The Newlyweds just wanted a small group for the gift opening...
parents and siblings.

An intimate setting was just right.
They were able to take the time to read each message 
from their wedding guests.

This Sunday was also Hubby's Birthday...
his 55th, in fact.
he insisted that we did not make a big deal about this.
But, who can resist a funny card?

The Newlyweds served their cake.
Wedding Cake/Birthday Cake.
It was delicious.

Take care,

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