Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday ~A Week's Study in Baking and The Functions of Ingredients

The Fourth and Final Term...
and for me, it is the last time that I enjoy 
the class activities that been teaching for nearly four decades.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie lab is a perfect way 
to review proper measuring techniques
and discuss the functions of ingredients.

Granulated sugar, brown sugar,
and the solid fats.

The first lab allows students to 
become familiar with their kitchen,
and learn to work with a team of students 
that they maybe haven't met before.

Plus...who doesn't like cookies?!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Take care,

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Maureen said...

Mmmm the cookies look delicious and I enjoy seeing the concentration on the students faces. Beautiful sunrise. Gee, I know you will be missed at your school.