Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day ~ Happy Birthday to my Blog ~

photo courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts

O Flag of our Union

O flag of our Union,
To you we'll be true,
To your red and white stripes,
And your stars on the blue;
The emblem of freedom,
The symbol of right,
We children salute you,

O flag fair and bright!

Today also marks the anniversary of my 
I chose this date, as it was also my grandmother's birthday.
She was born June, 14, 1893.
Yes, 120 years ago.

When I was growing up, we stopped to visit Grandma,
every. single. day.

She was always wearing an apron,
and there was always something freshly baked,
cooling by her kitchen window.
My favorites were
 her Banana Cream Pie and 
her "Cry Babies" Molasses Cookies.

This is her her handwriting...
Yes, I have and treasure her recipe box.
When she baked, I don't think she actually followed a recipe...I think she just knew what to do.
However, my mother encouraged her to write some of the favorites down for her family.

Do you have your Grandmother's favorite recipes?
Be sure to gather some for your collection...
while you still have time.

Happy Flag Day...Happy Blog Birthday...
and Happy Weekend, everyone.

Take care,

p.s. And following my tradition, I will select (at random) one comment  from this post to receive a package from me. The winner will be drawn on my Birthday, June 23rd.


Barb said...

Happy Flag Day and Blog Birthday to you Natalie!
I love you post about your grandmother! I will have to ask my mom about all the hand written ones she has from my grand. She made the best raisin bar cookies. I hate raisins but her cookies were simply the best! I have tried to make them and am a total failure at it. Man this brings back so many memories!
Enjoy your day!

SUZI said...

my mom made each of her grandaughters a binder of all her favorite receipies before she passed...they will cherish those binders especially my daughter who is a chef

Moneik said...

My grandma also had those hand written recipe cards. They are so fun to look at. My great-grandma never used a recipe. She was Norwegian and couldn't read. My grandma's birthday also would have been today. She'd have been 81. Happy blog birthday. I've been blogging for 9 years now and still enjoy sharing and reading other blogs as well.

Pat said...

Wonderful post about your Grandmother. My Mom recently moved into a retirement apartment and gave my daughter her recipe box with handwritten cards from both my grandmothers, Holly's Great Grandmothers.

Unknown said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Natalie! You make me miss my Grandmother. She used to let me cook with her. Thanks for reminding me :)

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Happy Flag Day Natalie. Hope you are having lovely weather. It is so nice you have your grandmother's recipes. My grandmother did not cook, grampa did all of the cooking but my Great Grandmother did and I have her book with little notations hand written inside. I love to look through it and see what she was thinking while she baked and cooked.