Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Blog Worthy in my Life ~Where the Time Goes ~This Retired Teacher's Report

Two weeks have passed since my last blog post.
Where has the time gone?

Thank goodness I snap a photo everyday, 
to remind me of the blogworthy in my life. favorite season.
I shall miss the warmth of Sunshine on my Shoulders.

And, I am not alone.

Winterfest Applications were due.
I delivered mine, in person, to the Arts Council office.
I like the excuse to return to this old building.

For twenty-five+ years, I parked in this parking lot and
walked into the Old Central High School.

Oh, how I miss that Home Economics department.
It was fabulous.

With my Winterfest Application in the hands of the Committee,
it is time to go into crafting overdrive.
I am currently working on a new batch of these wine bottle giftbags.

The garage project continues,
cleaning, sorting, and organizing the storage area.
I have discarded the out-dated curriculum guides,
and these binders remain.

Does anyone need one?

Certainly a highlight, are the trips we make to Fargo to
visit my Alma Mater.

We enjoy a little tailgating at hubby's favorite

And then, at my favorite tailgating spot,
with my Kappa Delta Sisters.

There is not a bad seat in the dome.
Sometimes our seats are in the rafters.

However, after halftime,
we can often find available seats much closer to the field.

So close, it feels like we are a part of the play!

"Sunday Funday"
The new mancave has become our favorite place to watch
our favorite professional teams...
the Vikings, the Eagles, the Patriots...
and of course the Minnesota Twins.

Football Snacks for Everyone!

Then we discovered this!

My parents both celebrated their birthdays in September.
My dad would have turned 99 on Sept. 28th.

My mother would have been 97 on September 23rd.
This year, of course, they celebrated their birthdays 
together again in heaven.

This photo appeared in my newsfeed this week.
One cannot turn on a tv without hearing 
news about North Korea.

Please keep our military and their families
in your thoughts and prayers.

Take care,

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Retired Teacher's Trip through Nebraska ~The Road Home

The Tax Conference was over. It was time to
"saddle up the horses" and start for home.

We detoured through the Outlets at Castle Rock.

We experienced some interesting landscapes.

We had stayed in seven different hotels
during our nine days away from home.
It has been open for only 3 months.
Clean and Friendly.

Next state = Nebraska

Our drive through the

provided spectualar views of nature at it's finest.

Near Valentine, we visited the

We enjoyed relaxing on our way home,
before hubby was due back in the office.

Oh, don't you just miss
the lazy days of summer?!

Take care,

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Retired Teacher's Road Trip to Colorado ~Here's What We Had to Eat

Don't judge me...
I did take photos of some of the more 
impressive meals we ate while traveling.
After our tour of the Anheuser Busch Brewery,
hubby and I shared this awesome burger,
topped with mushrooms and carmelized onions.
Their restuarant is called the Biergarten.

And then, after spending the afternoon and evening at
The New West Fest,
we finally found a place to stay. After checking in,
we walked to a nearby Bar & Grill to share this
huge platter of Loaded Chicken Nachos.

We enjoyed Continnental Breakfast in all of the hotels,
however, this was my favorite.
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread with Cream Cheese.

So far, we had eaten burgers & fries,
nachos and hotel scrambled eggs...
I just wanted some lettuce.
In Boulder, at the West Flanders Brew House,
this salad with pears, beets, walnuts, and feta was perfect.

Hubby was in the mood for pizza.

By the next day, hubby was also on the lettuce bandwagon.
Now, in Denver, we ate at the Black-eyed Pea.
This was his Asian Salad with Grilled Shrimp.

I ordered the salad with Pears, Pecans and Feta.
I think it is my new favorite.

Then before we knew it, 
our vacation time was coming to an end.
In Sterling, Colorado, the hotel staff recommended this brewhouse.

We shared the Brisket Nachos.
Chips with Beer Braised Brisket,
Queso Blanco, Cheese, Fried Onions,
and Pickled Cherry Peppers.
It came with a side of horseradish sour cream.
It was so tasty...but the portion was too big for two!

Another day spent in the car,
our last stop for a late lunch/early dinner was at the
We shared the Prime Rib Sandwich.
It was so very tender!

We spent the evening checking out the sites
in Valentine and lounging around
in the hotel.
We walked back over to the Peppermill.
(If you grew up in a ranching community,
you know all about this delicacy.)

That's right...
we just had to do it.
It was a great way to end our 
time vacationing in the Old West.

Home again, Home again,
Jiggity Jog.
After nine days of eating in
hotels, restaurants,
brew houses,
and steakhouses,
I was ready to eat a meal at home.
Hubby's Grilled Chicken
Pasta with homemade Pesto
Green Salad with strawberries and Red Onion.

There's no place like home!

Take care,

Friday, September 1, 2017

TGIF ~Garage Project Progress ~It's About Time for an Update

Once the garage addition was enclosed,
hubby has been anxious to get into his man cave.
We have sat out here, more than once,
to watch the Twins game on our
vintage family room television.

If you remember my last garage project report...
our next step was to hire an electrician.

Here are the light switches and outlets.

Insulation was next.

Hubby likes a project like this at night,
since he sits behinds a desk all day.

And, I agreed to help.

He could do all the walls...
but needed some assistance with the ceiling.

After this, a layer of plastic...

We were ready for the drywall.

Our contractor had that installed in a couple of days.

We came home from our Colorado road trip to find
the addition ready for some paint.

Next, lights and electricity...
and then we can start to move things in.

Stay tuned.

Take care,

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