Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Comes to an End ~Reviewing the Year's Highlights ~Month by Month

As 2017 comes to a close, it is time to reflect on the events of the year.
I have chosen a couple of photos from each month to share.

January 2017
Hubby and I saw the New Year in at home...
Lobster Tails, Hasselback Potatoes, and Salad.

Teaching Family and Consumer Science at CHS
consumed most of my time and energy.

February 2017
We took advantage of sales to replace the appliances in our kitchen.

We renewed our friendship with this special couple
at the SD Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Wine and Cheese Tasting Event.

March 2017
My daily routine included an early alarm,
a quick stop at the supermarket for lab supplies,
and setting up at school before the students arrive.

We adopted Jasmine, a senior cat that had been looking
for her forever home for three years.

April 2017
Hubby's band, Precious Cargo, was inducted into the
South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Their band opened the concert...
and received a standing ovation!

Meanwhile, at home,
Jasmine and Lucy were getting to know each other.

May 2017
We broke ground on the garage additon project.

We celebrated my retirement after 38 years of teaching.

June 2017
More celebrating with our friends, Alan and Kari,
when their daughter, Ashley and Logan were married.

And celebrating again, two weeks later, when Bob and Paula's
daughter, Megan and Dylan were married.

 July 2017
Our daughters and husbands came home to visit family.
We spent time in Minneapolis and celebrated Jake's birthday
on the Fourth of July at a Twins game.

We all traveled home to spend a few days 
with family and hometown friends here.

 August 2017
This package came in our mail to announce
our first grandchild, due in March.

Hubby and I traveled to Colorado for his work conference
and to enjoy a little vacation time.

September 2017
We were able to secure tickets to watch the NDSU Bison play
 at all but one of their home games.

The mancave was finished and we were able to enjoy tailgating 
and watching our favorite baseball and football teams here.

 October 2017
We stayed busy with our creations for Winterfest.

And we appreciated the cooler temperatures
and colors of Autumn.

November 2017
This year, another successful Winterfest.

I enjoyed a fabulous trip to Boston to visit Emily & Jake.

December 2017
We all love the warm glow of Christmas lights.

We spent our holidays with hubby's mom and sister.
We enjoy the time we spend with family
and our friends.

We are Blessed.

Take care,

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Was Santa Good to You?

It depends on who you ask.

Perhaps you all saw this meme on Facebook?

Many women commented that they would not 
be so pleased if there was a vacuum cleaner under the tree!

But then, there's the Roomba.
That is a different story!

The Roomba is not an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
Roomba is a Robot!

Plus, combine the Roomba with a couple of cats,
and you have reached a whole new level of entertainment at home!

"Seriously, did you see that?"

Watching where Roomba goes next is more
entertaining than most morning television.

We think it is safe to sit in the stairway...

...or up on a stool. 
"Maybe if I pretend to be sleeping, it will go to sleep itself?"

"I think we better get used to this 
as our human seems to really like her Roomba!"

Take care,

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017 with our Friends and Family ~Here is my Report

Christmas Eve Eve

These newlyweds were home for the weekend.

We empty nesters were happy to be included in their
family holiday meal & football watch party.


However, the star of the show was this Prime Rib...

...roasted to perfection.

Twice Baked contribution to the meal.

Fresh Green Beans completed the menu.

Winning the game makes everyone happy.

Thanks for the great Kick-off
to the holiday weekend.

Christmas Eve

We attended the evening worship service.
I was one of the scripture readers, 
stationed in the balcony, so was able to take these photos.
My favorite part of the service is when the congregation
sings Silent Night by candlelight.

Here are my friends and talented musicians,
Sonya and Sue,
playing an upbeat postlude to send us on our way.

Meanwhile, at home, the table was set.

We gathered for Chicken Wild Rice Soup,
bread, meat, and cheese.

A highlight of our evening was FaceTime with
both of our daughters and their husbands.

There were presents for everyone.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Christmas Morning

Santa still visits these empty nesters.
Combined age of those vintage stockings... 118 years.

Christmas Day
Traditional dinner at Grandma's.
Do you see her photobombing us in the mirror?!

I hope you all enjoyed time with your
family and friends this Christmas.

Take care,

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