Monday, December 4, 2017

Thankful for all of Life's Blessings ~Sharing our Family's Special News

Yes, those are little booties...

Amy and Nick are expecting a baby!

This package arrived in August.

Since Amy and Nick are so far away,
Hubby and I opened this box with them over Facetime.
We, somehow, kept this a family secret... 
for months!

The gender neutral booties represent a little blessing to come.

Weeks later we learned Baby Norgaard's gender.
Would you like to see a picture of...

...our first grandson?!!

We have shared the news with several of you in person.
This sweet card arrived from some special friends.

We are so in love with this little boy
and we can't wait to meet him!


Alice said...

Congratulations! I know you'll be awesome grandparents.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my goodness. I have tears of joy for you all. I've just loved watching your girls grow up and now you're gonna be a Grandma! Congratulations to you all. March can't come soon enough. :) XOXO