Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday Funday ~How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here’s to all of you that have a Green Thumb.
Lizzie has no Thumbs, at all, 
but loves to hang out with the outdoor plants.

I had the privilege of staying with family this past spring
and being a part of their garden planning, purchasing, and planting.

We enjoyed a Sunday afternoon, 
browsing all the pretty plants at the local Nursery.

Mama had all the soil dug up by the time
I had helped Jack get his gardening gloves on.

Jack and his Mama planted herbs, peppers, and flowers.

And then we wait patiently…
nourishing them with tender, loving care.

Appreciating their beauty right from the start.

The next day, Henry joined the gardeners
to help water the little plants.

Brothers take turns manning the sprayer.

Learning to be gentle with the little plants.

Henry thinks playing in the mud is awesome.
Jack would rather keep his hands clean.

Job well done, family.

Meanwhile back home.
Remember, Hubby didn’t travel with me,
as he needed to take care of our house, our yard,
our cat, his mother, and his golf team.

He planted grass in the spots that were bare from the winter,
nurturing it with that tender loving care.

He filled our flower pots with beautiful blooms…

…under the watchful eye of his supervisor.

I do not have a Green Thumb, so can only take credit for adding
the American Flags for the month of July.

The washtub was my mother’s,
we brought it from the Old Farmhouse.

Take advantage of these last few weeks
of our warm summer season.

Hubby’s parents have always had a huge garden.
Since his mother is now 93, she should not be walking
around on that uneven ground, so she sits in her chair
and watches Hubby work.
Again, the watchful eye of a supervisor.

Our patio is home to our pots of herbs.
The Rosemary is abundant.

Our Thyme, Oregano, and Basil is lush and fragrant.

There’s Parsley, Chives, and Lemon Balm, too.
It is handy right outside our back door.

There’s not much better than fresh herbs when making dinner.
Like this tasty Homemade Pesto Pasta.
It’s a perfect side dish for grilled chicken breast.

And here is some produce from the first crop
of home-grown tomatoes.

Hard work pays off.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Take care,

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