Sunday, February 5, 2023

Visiting Family ~The Main Event ~Celebrating Twenty Years of Military Service ~So Very Proud

The entire family traveled to Massachusetts
as our Son-in-Law was retiring from the Air Force.
He served our country for 20 years.

We all have been looking forward
to this day for months.

Normally, an on-base briefing is only for the pilots,
however Nick had de-classified this briefing
so his family members could attend.
And it was no surprise that he started precisely on time…
Right down to the second.

The PowerPoint was designed similar to the agenda they follow,
except the slides were full of information about Nick’s career,
 along with many humorous comments.

A serious part of the briefing was directed at the five other
fighter pilots participating in the Fini Flight.

The “Fini Flight” is an Air Force tradition marking
a pilot’s departure from a unit, the last time they fly their aircraft.

We were escorted out to the flight line to watch the
six fighter jets take off. What a rush, as they each passed
in front of us and then ascended  straight up into the air.

It was a beautiful day with clear skies and warm sunshine…
perfect weather to be outside for this experience.

We were issued earplugs and
the children wore noise canceling headsets.

The jets were in the air 90 minutes as they executed a typical training mission.
Meanwhile we all toured the base getting a closeup look
at a fighter jet and all the equipment that a pilot wears.
Their technology is amazing.

Upon their return, we were escorted back out to the flight line
and watched a private and impressive airshow.

The first five planes were parked in place before
the Retiree landed his jet for the last time.

Notice his name on the Aircraft and the American Flag.
This is a morning we will never forget.

Another part of the Fini Flight Tradition is when the pilot climbs down from his plane,
he is welcomed by a large group of people, some with a fire hose to spray him with water…
and, of course, his wife sprayed him with a little champagne.

Jack was quite excited about this part of the plan.

It is also a retirement for the spouse.
The moment Amy said “I Do” she assumed her role
as a wife of a Serviceman…
Living on the other side of the globe,
 moving every four years, maintaining their home,
and caring for their children during deployments.

As the wife of the Director of Operations, she was given a binder
that outlined her duties and responsibilities to the Squadron.
Amy was also honored at the closing ceremony.

The Squadron Wives are a close-knit group of Women that
 support each other every step of the way.
She will surely miss these girlfriends.

Nick and Amy’s whole family was there
to celebrate their time in thenAir Force and Air National Guard.

Words cannot express the pride that each of us felt that day.

Here’s to an amazing career and to
two decades of impressive accomplishments.

As you say goodbye to your fighter jet and the life as a Serviceman,
we all look forward to the next chapter of your life.

Take care,

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Kathleen J. said...

Please thank him for his service. My husband served in the Navy for 20 years. I remember all the feelings of that last day. We were on a ship and were able to have family there too.

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