Friday, February 17, 2023

Visiting Family ~Here’s How We Spent the Rest of our Week Together ~Time with Family is Priceless

This Papa and Gigi treasure the time we spent with both daughters,
their husbands, and our three grandchildren, all under one roof.
On our last morning there, we hugged our grandsons
and said goodbye as they left for preschool.

We also enjoyed the bedtime hugs.
Since we were unable to be together for Christmas,
these cousins wore their matching pajamas on our last night together.

Family had traveled from four different states to celebrate.
Amy and Nick hosted the entire group in their home
on a couple of the evenings…

…Which required much planning and preparing.
I was happy to tag along to run errands.
I drove the shopping cart and
followed her around the supermarket.
Do you see Amy?

There were assignments for everyone in the kitchen.
A Taco Bar was the perfect menu, as it appeals to all ages,
and everyone could assemble their own, with what they prefer.
Ground Beef, Shredded Chicken, Black Beans,
Cilantro Lime Rice, Cheese, Guacamole,
Greek Yogurt, Salsa, and more.

We all did our fair share
of going out and about to eat, too.

This place was a highlight…The Treehouse Brewery.
It is beautiful and spacious.

They make the best Wood Fired Pizzas,
Along with their huge choice of beverages.

The cousins had so much fun playing…

…and they were all exhausted,
so rested on the way home.

I’ve said it here before, my favorite thing to do is to
visit our adult children in their homes, 
to just be a part of their everyday routine.


Bath Time

Meal Time

Screen Time

Even Kitchen Clean Up Time

Now, the house is quiet.

We are all home and have returned to
our own everyday routine.

We’ve all said goodbye to that beautiful home.

We are Blessed.

Take care,

We look forward to the next time we can
all be together again.


My Colonial Home said...

What a beautiful family you have Natalie.
Your grandchildren ate so adorable.
You are blessed

My Colonial Home said...

That was to say 'are' so adorable lol, sorry.
But I assume they ate adorable also 😁

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