Sunday, May 28, 2023

My Hometown Visit ~Hanging Out with a High School Bestie ~a Blast from the Past

Hubby and I enjoyed reuniting with one of my
High School Classmates and Best Friend.
We were happy to spend our Mother's Day together,
since our children all live far away.

We attended Worship that morning, before going out for lunch.

We visited them in their home, too.

Do you think we have aged since our last visit, six years ago?

We have aged since this photo was taken at our Senior Banquet.

This was our little group of friends that spent time together.
Now days, we’d call that our “squad”.
Jolaine and I were the two seniors, and at the end of the season,
we were gifted those roses by our underclassmen friends.

Our “squad” made up the Cheerleading Squad
for our Boys Basketball Team.

We all loved our English and Drama teacher, Mrs. Kenner.
Our Senior Class play was “The Miracle Worker”.
I played the part of Helen Keller.
Jolaine’s role was that of her Teacher, Annie Sullivan.

The production was ambitious for a small school in the 70s.
Everyone in the High School was involved in some way.
It was well received by our whole community.

Of course, we went to Prom together with
our High School boyfriends.
Do you recognize Jolaine’s date?
She married that boyfriend…
Yes, that is her husband on those selfies.

We certainly are not waiting another six years
before we are together again.
In fact, we’re planning to gather next June, with the rest
of our classmates, at our 50 year class reunion. 

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