Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday Blessings ~Looking for the Blog Worthy in Everyday Life ~Friends, Flowers, Fun and More

Ten days have passed since I last posted here.
Whenever that happens, I look back
at my recent photos to see where the time went.

This one stood out as a highlight…
We gathered with good friends for Tacos, 
Craft Beers, and Shuffleboard.

We were at one of our only Breweries, they also offer
Locally Roasted Coffee Beans in their Gift Shop.
It was a Win/Win for me!

Another win…
A Turtle Sundae for my Mothers Day lunch.

At this famous Hometown Landmark.

Sunshine on our Patio.

And a bright spot in our kitchen with fresh cut flowers.

Hubby and his sister prepared our meal on Mothers Day.
Grilled Salmon is one of my favorite meals.

Along with our first Corn on the Cob of the Summer.

Asian Salad was a tasty side dish.

It’s the little things that make me smile.

While this situation is never funny, however we had a little chuckle about it later…
We had stopped at a local establishment for Burgers and a Basket of Tots.
Everyone’s phones started sounding off 
with the Emergency Alert Siren…and No..One..Moved 😳
Like, should we go to the basement?

A few days later, more Severe Thunderstorms in our area.
Sadly, there was much devastating destruction to the south and east of us.
Two women lost their lives, both while in their vehicles.
Sending prayers to their families.

I like to keep my current project in a basket,
so I can easily move it from the Sewing Studio to my Work Counter.

What’s happening in the back yard?
Those are not flags for games out on the lawn.
Huge equipment and some digging instead.

Here is what’s Happening out in Hubby’s Woodshop.

I love the early morning sunshine on our Patio.
Have a Beautiful Sunday, everyone.

Take care,

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