Thursday, May 12, 2022

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~The Teddy Bear Tour

I have a soft spot in my heart for Teddy Bears…

…and it all started with this old guy.
Pretty sure he is older than I am.

I first met him when we’d stop to visit my Mother’s friend, Helen Metz.
They became friends while teaching in a Little Country School, in York, ND.
Helen lived with her mother, Cora, in Maza, ND, population at the last census was 5. 
I loved stopping at their house. Their home was so very interesting. 

As a young woman, Helen had gone on to teach at Missionaries 
in Guatemala, Honduras, and Puebla, Mexico.

Plus it seemed like Cora had always just taken
cookies or cake out of the oven. 😋
Sweet Memories.

Helen Metz

Back to my Teddy Bear Tour.
This girl came home with me from Target.
She comes out of storage every March along other Spring Decor.

This soft Teddy occupies the chair that my Hubby’s
Grandfather constructed. Grandpa Tom was a carpenter.
The Family Pillow is something I created a few years ago.

On to my Sewing Studio. Hubby knows about my love for Teddy Bears.
He brought his sweet bear home when returning from one of his work trips.
She has Angel Wings.

Remember during the Pandemic when folks
displayed Bears in a window for families to look for 
when they went for a walk…Goin’ on a Bear Hunt

I had this Angel Bear perched on the sill to watch
over the sidewalk in front of our house.

Bear in a Basket.

Bear on a Stack of
Vintage Wool Squares and Books.

This soft bear has a spot of honor on our bed. 

And this bear look so handsome in his turtleneck sweater.
He was also a gift from my Hubby.

This is the only Beanie Baby Bear in my Collection.

Sadly, I don’t know the backstory on this Handsome Guy.
Maybe he belonged to one of our daughters and they can enlighten me?

This is my only Working Bear.

Do you all have a chair in your closet to collect clothing?
This is a Vintage Chair from our old Family Farmhouse.
This hard working bear patiently helps me out
when I’m deciding what I’m in the mood to wear.

Then when his lap is overflowing,
it’s time to hang up my clothes.

Here’s one of the most famous Bears of all…
Winnie the Pooh.
He always gives the best advice.

Tell me about some of your collections
that make you smile.

Take care,

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