Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Spring Break Road Trip ~Burger Battle Continues ~Travel to Visit Family

Thanks to Google for leading us to this awesome lunch spot,
The Garage Burgers and Brews.
Hubby loves a good burger, and we especially enjoy  lunching
in a locally owned, Mom & Pop restaurant.

This is the Ultimate Brunch Burger…
Ham, Cheese, Bacon, Egg, a Burger, and “the Garden” all on a bun.

My Side Salad was perfect with a Quarter of that Burger
and some Crispy, Yummy Tots.

We had said “Goodbye, See you next year” to Memphis.

And we were making good time.

We stop occasionally to stretch and get some steps.
Of course, there’s always something to look at for creative inspiration.

Here, I see a lot of Banana Bread in someone’s future.

While it’s still gloomy here, I’ll take the gray skies with
green grass over what’s happening at home.


Even gray scenery can be striking.

This day we had lunch at Drakes Come Play, featuring a
wide variety of tasty Smash Burgers.

Their side salad was a BLT.
Bacon really does make everything better.

After four days on the road we reached Georgia and our family.
Both our daughters, Sons-in-Law, and grandchildren
gathered for dinner all under one roof…
It is a dream vacation for us.

Take care,

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