Friday, March 24, 2023

Spring Break Road Trip ~March means Family Birthdays ~Celebrate Life’s Blessings

We planned our trip South to escape the cold and snow,
but especially to spend time with our family.
This year we wanted to be here for
a couple of family birthdays.

We had never celebrated with
this guy in person.
Turning five is a big milestone when you are growing up.
Next year he will go to kindergarten!

Jack wanted a Chocolate Cake for his Birthday and this one
did not disappoint. Fudge filling between layers
of moist rich dark chocolate cake…
with a chocolate chip cookie garnish on top.

What else could you even wish for?!

Oh yeah, a big balloon and a bicycle…
I think Henry wants both of those things, too.

We arrived in time to celebrate our daughter’s birthday a week earlier.
There is nothing more special than being with your child
on the anniversary of their birth. Now I understand
why my own mother would rather visit us
on my birthday, instead of her own.

We all gathered in their home on her special day.
Her hubby prepared salmon the the grill, along with rice pilaf,
and roasted asparagus. Everyone’s favorites.

And of course, there was cake!

We have so many reasons to celebrate.
We are Blessed.

Take care,

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