Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break 2017 ~Here's my Report ~My Last School Haircut ~Guinness Beef Sliders Recipe Link ~~Pinterest to Practice

Hopes of spending early morning hours relaxing on the couch
were dashed by Lucy, who is used to having her breakfast at 5:30 a.m.

Spring Break allows time for extra errands
and for some extra pampering.
Remember how well we were treated at 
Hair Addictions at the time of the wedding?

Jennifer has always been our "go-to girl" for hair...
Prom, Back to School, Special Occasions.
And on this occasion, my last school haircut.

I often posed an interesting challenge.
She was able to create a the latest style 
for this High School Fashion Teacher...
yet professional enough to meet with parents at conferences.

These Guinness Beef Sliders caught my Pinterest eye,
so were on our menu for St. Patricks eve.

Hubby broiled the asparagus with garlic and parmesan.

Speaking of Pinterest,
it can make correcting papers a little less tedious.

For St. Patricks Day, Hubby and I went all out 
and put green food coloring in our beer.
We wanted to stay home to watch our Girls and Boys Basketball Teams
at the State AA Tournament. We enjoyed a quiet night at home.

Of course, St. Patty's Day weekend wouldn't be complete 
without Hubby's Corned Beef Hash.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Take care,


Kit said...

You look wonderful! You only get 2 days for break? What the? Tell your hubby that his asparagus looks fantastic as do the sliders. :) Kit

Farm Field Primitives said...

Love your hair style!! The sliders look amazing!!! Glad you enjoyed your days off!