Monday, October 31, 2022

The Ghost of Halloween Past ~Spooky Memories ~Some are Pretty Sweet

This was Jack’s first Halloween.
They lived in Okinawa, so we cherished the photos
we received from the family.

This was Henry’s first Halloween.
By this time,
Jack was an old pro.
And we still cherish the photos.

Now the boys are joined by a little cousin in
creating some Halloween Memories.
Well, the parents will remember
and share photos with her when she is older.

Remember the first year we were married?
We started the tradition of carving a Jack o’ Lantern
for our front porch.
Hubby did the carving while I roasted the Pumpkin Seeds.

Yes, I am still wearing my teacher clothes here.

I probably post this photo every year, as it is one of my favorites.
I’m guessing that I was roasting the pumpkin seeds
and putting finishing touches on the Halloween costumes,
while the girls carved their pumpkins with Daddy.

All grown up, these two hosted a Halloween Party
shortly after they were married.

Last year, Lizzie helped me sew her Halloween Costume.
She plans to wear it tonight.

This Mama gets an award for the best Halloween Decor.
The construction involves a tomato basket,
a string of lights, and some lightweight white fabric.

The ghosts have moved outside and are ready to greet
the trick or treaters that come to to their door.

When our daughters were old enough to go trick or treating with friends,
Hubby and I would stay home and dress up to hand out the treats.

The Ghost of Halloween Past enjoyed visiting the archives
and selecting some favorite photos to share with you.

This year we don’t need to put on costumes,
as my neck brace is scary enough.

We look forward to an evening of
Spooky Good Fun right here at home.


Take care, Stay Safe,

Sunday, October 30, 2022

National Cat Day ~How Lizzie Spent Her Day

Saturday is Game Day.
Lizzie joins her humans to cheer
for their favorite team in the ManCave.

It’s almost time for the Kick Off,
and her humans bring out the Football Food
and set it up on the bar.
(More about this later)

Her day started much earlier.
I take medication and Lizzie has her first breakfast of the day.
Then she settles on her pillow, as I have coffee, 
listen to the News, and send
Greetings to our Family and Friends.

Lizzie has Her second Breakfast when Hubby gets up.
She has her own spot at the counter
and enjoys a taste of buttered toast with him.
He gets his News on his iPad.

Saturday’s Work ~
I run the Roomba nearly everyday.
Often, Roomba gets caught at the top of the Stairway.
Yes, he fell down the stairs, tumbling all the way down to the foyer.
My helper cat was quick to go down and check if he was okay.
then stood guard and waited for Papa to come in
from blowing leaves off the driveway.

Since we get up early, 4am to be exact.
(the discomfort in my shoulder forces me up)
So, we rest during the day.

I guess this is how we nap now.

Celebrating with drinks and snacks at home
while watching sports on television.

It’s the next best thing to attending the game in person,
and tailgating in the parking lot.

Yesterday, we made Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders,
One of Hubby’s favorites.

Would you like the recipe?

It was a great way to spend National Cat Day.
Lizzie thinks that every day is Cat Day.
If you have a Furry Friend,
I’m sure you can relate.

Take care,

p.s. I’d love to see your Furry Friend.
leave a photo in the comments.
Dogs, Horses, and Goats are welcome, too.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Yay for Friday ~Halloween Treats ~Check Out Who Fixed our Refrigerator ~Kindness Continues ~Healing Report

This Gigi likes to send a little something to our family
for each Holiday. Since it is a challenge for me to go out and about,
I have not been shopping.

I found some great age-appropriate books online,
 and they arrived in time so the grandchildren could enjoy them
the week leading up to Halloween.

These guys will get plenty of candy, which won’t last long.
However, they can enjoy the books every Halloween for years.

I think he likes it!

And Jack’s smile says it all.

On the Homefront,
Hubby has been doing all of our shopping.
He came home with two of my kitchen  favorites…
Squash and Fresh Cut Flowers.
Thank you, Honey.

You all remember we had a refrigerator problem a week ago.

And I remembered that one of my former students
was working during his Senior year as an apprentice with his Dad,
planning to  join his company as an electrician upon graduation.

I always enjoyed having Jordan in my classes.

More friendly mail in our box this week.

One of those cards included a generous gift card
so we can get an appetizer to share.
I’m sure Hubby would like to have a break from his Kitchen Duties.
Thank you, Paul and Jean.

Hubby’s Wood Turning Buddy gifted him this beautiful piece of Walnut, 
along with the offer to make a Charcuterie Board together.

A gift bag was packed full of gourmet meats and cheeses,
crackers, and dried fruit snacks.
Thank you, Brum and Katzy.

Speaking of good food,
My friend, Wendy picked up lunch for us at the Malchow Plaza Market.

Our hubbies had gone out for Burgers and a Brew,
so we decided to have some Girl Time.

My weekly visit to the clinic was promising.
My sodium count went up two points,
however my blood pressure is still too high.

So we are adjusting my medication, again,
And keep monitoring it at home.

It is never to soon to start reading to a child.
This Touch and Feel book, read by Mama is the
perfect interaction  for a four month old.

This book,
The Spooky Wheels on the Bus is perfect
for this little lover of The Wheels on the Bus.

And you don’t just read this book,
You can’t help but sing!

Take care,

Monday, October 24, 2022

Where the Weekend Went ~Good Friends ~Lizzie, the Neighborhood Watch Cat ~Simple House Chores ~Day Date with Hubby

Spending Time with Good Friends makes me smile.
Friday afternoon, my longtime friend, Paula came for a chat.
She had just finished a book that she thought I’d enjoy,
So she left that with me.

Remember, for years we have gone out for Happy Hour
on Fridays after work.

These are the four couples that seldom missed a gathering.
Occasionally, other couples would join us, too.
Everyone was busy with work, family, travel, hobbies,
and all the grandchildren.

Due to health issues, 
It is just the four of left here in town.
We are all retired now, so we still enjoy travel, hobbies,
and especially visiting our grandchildren.

However, we still get together on Friday evenings
 when we are all in town.

Lizzie likes to sit in my Sewing Studio.
Either sleeping in the closet or in the sun on my counter.
From there, she has full view of our neighborhood.

Since I graduated out of my sling,
I have the freedom to do some lightweight tasks.
So I hung out with Lizzie and tidied up my sewing counter.
Hubby created a Hand Turned Wooden Bowl
to hold my spools of thread.

Lizzie says “All is well out front”

We planned a Day Date for Sunday.
It was the last day that Twist Cone was open.
So, we “got ready”.
It’s much easier to do something with one’s hair
with two hands instead of just one.

Twist Cone is a landmark in our Hometown.

And this is perhaps my favorite…The Turtle Sundae

While indulging in our tasty Ice Cream treat,
We took a drive around the community…

…Checking out the new construction.
This apartment complex is going up just north of town.

When our family comes home to visit in the summer,
This place is one of the stops on their Bucket List.

This is where Henry learned to eat an ice cream cone.

Twist Cone is Da Bomb!

Take care,

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